NKOSI MEDIA LLC represents the dreams of seeing and reading about engaging Black Characters in action stories, fantasy worlds, sci-fi realities and narratives.  When the accomplishments and the imagination of Black People are not hidden, erased or ignored;  the World will open up to true diversity. 


I am 
an Artistic Entity. 
Photographer / Graphics / Digital Media Producer.

But as a Writer.

I have written a variety of different things from business bios, media releases, marketing plans, interviews, social media content. Some of the content I’ve written can be seen at 360BEYOND | A Journey Into Creativity & Thought.  I have also contributed the short story Edge Of Innocence The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology published through MVmedia LLC. .And now I will publish my poetry musings and my number one favorite thing Science Fiction/Fantasy through NKOSI MEDIA LLC.   My first was Watch The Shadows, a digital eBook of dark fantasy poetry that introduces the hidden dangers, realities & characters that hide just below your perception.

GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE is my web comic site designed around the main character, GlyphX.  Some of the challenges he will face are described straight out of Watch The Shadows. I hope you enjoy the words and the incredible art by amazing artists!

Peace & Stay Creative,



Great Son!
Smart Student!
Creative Artist & Karateka!
Gamer & Lover of Football, Hockey & Basketball!
Aspiring Author and Publisher of my stories & art!

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