Dreams To Reality.

It has been a few weeks, since I debuted GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE Web Comic online. The feedback has been very encouraging and positive. It motivates me to really deliver an IP (Intellectual Property) concept that holds form in any form; web-comic, novel,graphic novel etc. Here are some of the comments available to read on www.urbanmage.net. The bold text is mine:

Master Illustrator/Colorist- Mshindo I. – Your Page Is stunning and well done. very bold. Great job.

Alex – Love what the story is about. It seems to have endless possibilities. I love the art so far also. U know I will be watching u.

Atlanta,Ga Comic-Con that celebrates the Black Cultural impactONYXCON – Excellent Character design and Concept! ONYXCON looks forward to seeing you present this at a fiture event in ATLANTA, GA! We wish you continued success!

Creator of the comic book and web-comic – Stealth – William Satterwhite  – Very nice site and great concept, looking forward to seeing how everything develops down the line!

CEO of PoetCode / Publisher ofDynasty Of The Magi- Derrick Garvin – Excellent! I love the ascension equation concept, as opposed to the witch in the dark web, an intriguing pairing of mysticism and futurism, curious to read the ensuing adventure!

Creator/Publisher of comic book,Purge – Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. -This is beyond extraordinary my brother!  The site is easy to navigate and well designed. The character piques my interest greatly.I’m in awe with your ability to extract from our African mythology to create a concept that rivals any European counterpart with originality and finesse.  I’m excited to be on hand to witness what occurs next!

Needless to say, it is very exciting and inspiring to read the responses as I bring my concepts; from dreams to reality.  Now, why don’t you go to www.urbanmage.net and find out if you agree with the above comments.


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