New Beginnings of A Publishing Journey.

Peace to you, the Reader and Viewer, of this new site. This is a growing work in progress, designed specifically to highlight and promote any publishing projects that we have.

Who am I?

My name is Ced Pharaoh and besides my regular 9-5, I occasionally do photography, some graphic work and I am an aspiring writer / author. My author / creator site is I have self-published an e-book and published a story in an anthology. You can check out my site or my bio here > Pharaoh’s Bio.

Now, of course, I said ‘we’.

The other part of we is my Son.  I want NKOSI Publishing to be his vehicle to publish his stories, as well.  Will I get rich from publishing?  Well, it is possible, maybe?  But more importantly, as I learn more about the art and craft of writing and the business skill set of publishing; I want to pass and share what I know to my Son.  Showing him the importance of creating and the value of maintaining ownership of Intellectual Property is a very big deal. Actually, someday it may result in a very big DEAL for him. That is my hope. Until then, enjoying the joys, thrills and headaches of publishing is something I wouldn’t want to share with any one else.


I named NKOSI Publishing after my Son, so he will always know, he is my inspiration.

Let’s Get It On!


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