“It’s not the dark that should scare you, it’s what lurks within that should…”

Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1 is a collection of dark fantasy poetry that introduces the hidden dangers, realities & characters that hide just below your perception.
Let it be your doorway inside of The Legacy Chronicles. From the first Touch, you’ll be Taken by the Nature Of A Stalker & The Musings of A Warlock
and much more. Each piece will give you insight into the UnSeen World
of characters, creatures & the swirlings of Dark Chaotic Magic. But
take care, what is UnSeen can be experienced, it can be felt & you
could be in danger, so whatever you do..keep your mind open & eyes
focused…Watch The Shadows..Now Read.

This is an appetizer that should tempt your taste & quench your thirst for the paranormal, the supernatural and all that awaits you in The Legacy Chronicles.

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