Watch The Shadows | The Legacy Chronicles Book 1

"It's not the dark that should scare you, it's what lurks within that should..."

Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1 is a collection of dark fantasy poetry that introduces the hidden dangers, realities & characters that hide just below your perception.  From the first Touch, you'll be Taken by the Nature Of A Stalker & The Musings of A Warlock and much more. Each piece will give you insight into the UnSeen World of characters, creatures & the swirlings of Dark Chaotic Magic.

But take care, what is UnSeen can be experienced; the paranormal, the supernatural can be felt & you could be in danger. Whatever you do, keep your mind open & eyes focused..and Watch The Shadows..

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AMAZON Reviews!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Dark has never been so inticing! By Deaduri Gales

"Ced Pharaoh has managed to bring to life an intensely sensuous side to monsters and things that go bump in the night. His ability to weave haunting images of death, savagery and molestation of flesh into poetic beauty, left me wondering why it has taken me so long to embrace the dark side of literature. Fantastic Read!!! I look forward to the next installment."

AMAZON Reviews!!

5.0 out of 5 stars beautiful dark poetry By Toni Michelle

"Watch the Shadows is a book of dark poetry. Dark fantasy and beautiful! I really enjoyed reading the works in this book. Each and every one were so dark and deep, a creepy beauty that was captured so perfectly in the words.

I love dark fantasy but not a huge fan of poetry although I do read it at times. I absolutely loved this book. I would recommend this book of dark fantasy poetry to anyone that loves the fantasy genre. So great!!!!!"

Read Excerpts Below:

Watch The Shadows


Underneath the Milky Moonglow,
Beneath the City Lights;
Below the skyscrapers & other man-made moniliths hides in the crevices of reality...
There's something there..
something's alive
and dead.
The Shadows
Can you hear it?
The Shadows breathe
Its children grow restless.
They Hunger.
Soon they will eat impatience and hunt;
just out of view,
just below the waves of darkness.
Sounds of low rumble growls, sharp clicks and edge scraping of fangs
& claws.
These Things you won't see

but they do;
their eyes penetrate the Abyss of Blacklight because they are Predator
and you..Prey.
Pray that Light comes quickly.
Your heartbeat pounds loud like a drum but swallowed by flowing darkness
that deafens the sound of Fear...
screams won't be heard.
Death is there..there are
Yes, but they are mere addicts
compared to their progenitor arcane predecessors, The Stalkers
are more dangerous for whom silver & sunlight they are immune.
Yes, but they're just rabid half-breeds to the supernatural pedigree of
The Jackals.
There are others..the unimaginable,
the UnSeen..
they feast,
they feed,
they will devour your everything.
Find the light..your illumination, before it is snuffed out.
Trust nothing, question all; fear everything.

Keep your mind's eye open and focused. Breathe slow..and
Watch The Shadows.


Cold, tiny raindrops;
slow ride across the nerves
casting a shadow of doubt
a lonely feeling of being watched.
Dark sullen clouds
hide and reveal the Moon
like a great eye.
It sees what she feels;
a presence so silent like breath of a cold whisper.. reaching out to her.
A cool brush of wind against the neck
in a draft less room.
A movement out the corner of the eye,
an opacity of grey moves to and fro
a quick look at the light and the lamp
anything that could create shadow
like a moth or fly..
is not found.
There is nothing,
no thing to block the light.
There it is again,

moving and with each motion gliding over the floor brings it closer,
enough to touch her own shadow.
And as it does, a cooler draft blows gently around her,

and then stops,
then she feels a cold pressure around the back of her neck.


I love you.
My voice is absent
as I attempt to express mouth is dry
the breath I try to take
is not there...
My throat is held tight
too long
I feel my chest burn
the thought that I have to end this
I can't digest
how did we get here?
How did I get here?
to this place so dark
I am repute with regret
I've failed you.
I must be responsible for ruining your life with mine
I wish you could have seen this coming,

gotten away from me..
but this feeling
this rapture has
the edges of my body tingling

my eyesight is blurry
of nothing but you.
And I
I hear Its voice laugh effervescence of an echo in my mind

you turn
you see
and find fear
As I attempt to express this my voice is absent run
I pull the trigger
it feels good..
a tear..

I love you.


Crows’ Song

They scream.
Carving bits of life from my soul.
Claws scraping like hundreds of chalk against Blackboards;
or peeling glass filaments under scalpel blades... pulling,
skinning every nerve.
Sensitivity sends hairs on the back of my neck up as the sounds drown out my yells of pain.
The symphony is death calling.
My own.
Chorus by a Murder Of Crows.
They sing & their harmonies carry
and fly on otherwordly winds
where Angels never glide;
between the simple complexities of life and lifelessness.
It is terrifying.
Trapped between their candid and cursed Calling; whisked between the sound of silent flapping horror

in a crescendo.
Loose feathers float downward.
I become deaf to the Future,
Blind to tomorrow.
The inevitable swirls around me
and as my mind spins out of control, I see hundreds of eyes,
fixated on me.
My cry becomes the final note.

WATCH THE SHADOWS | The Legacy Chronicles Book 1

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